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Global Health Practitioner Conference: Prioritizing Child & Adolescent Health in the New Decade

27 janvier 2021 - 28 janvier 2021

Global Health Practitioner Conference

The Global Health Practitioner Conference (GHPC) is CORE Group’s flagship annual conference.

The conference is put on by CORE Group, a leader in community health working to end preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths around the world. Through collaborative action CORE Group promotes and safeguards health in communities and creates new models for reaching the most marginalized populations.

Implementers, academics, governments, donors, UN, private sector, and other community health advocates convene in this multi-day, content rich meeting that features knowledge sharing and skills building sessions, recent evidence on cross-sectoral technical areas, dialogues on community health, and professional networking.

Find out more about past Global Health Practitioner Conferences here.

“I think [the conference] is an exceptional opportunity to bring people from very different backgrounds around the table in a setup that is very conducive to for dialogue, and it has produced incredible discussion.” – Emanuele Capobianco, Director of Health and Care, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescents

Unlocking Potential: Prioritizing Child & Adolescent Health in the New Decade

Now is a critical time to prioritize child and adolescent health. The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening progress made as health systems struggle to rapidly respond to this crisis and children and adolescents are often bearing the brunt of the impact. Increased violence against children, reduced access to routine healthcare, especially sexual and reproductive services, and stunted social development are just a few of the issues exacerbated by this global pandemic.

GHPC 2021 will continue the dialogue and action from our July virtual event Lives in the Balance: A COVID-19 Summit for the Health and Well-Being of Women, Children, and Adolescents hosted by CORE Group and the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn, & Child Health (PMNCH) which was attended by over 3,000 participants globally. Implementers, UN agencies, academics, donors, private sector, youth, civil society, and community health advocates operating locally and internationally are invited to participate in this engaging, highly interactive, three-day, virtual event.



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27 janvier 2021
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28 janvier 2021
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