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The Stephen Lewis Foundation Foundation (SLF) is collaborating with likeminded funders and their partners to develop a case for funding community-based care for those living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. This involves two virtual roundtable discussions (one with funders and one with community-based partners) to discuss best practices, lessons learned, and funding needs and priorities in terms of community-based care during COVID-19. The SLF is hiring a facilitator to guide these discussions, which will be held in September 2021. It will require 6-8 working days (2 days of roundtables + prep work). Qualifications include facilitation experience and/or accreditation, a participatory and equity-based approach, and experience working with community-based organizations.

If interested, please send CV and rates to [email protected] by July 30th


juillet 29, 2021


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