Global Affairs Canada International Assistance Commitments

The tables track progress on Canada’s key international assistance commitments in three categories:

  • Commitments in support of a specific sector
  • Commitments relating to increased country focus for international assistance efforts
  • Commitments specific to a country or region

The tables track which commitments are completed, are on target or are off target.

Some commitments are specific to international development, and some are whole-of-government approaches that include other government departments.

Canada’s key international assistance commitments do not constitute legally binding obligations nor are they legislated.

Keep in mind that:

  • These table are updated twice a year. If citing it as a reference, please note the date of the version used.
  • Each commitment contains important notes, including links to related public announcements and other reference material.
  • The commitments are outlined by fiscal year (April-March), with the exception of two: Food Aid Convention, which is outlined by crop year (July-June) and Top 5 bilateral donor status, which is outlined by calendar year (January-December).
  • If the year is qualified by « Preliminary », it means that the figures may change following further quality assurance.


janvier 5, 2018


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