From Delegates to Development: A How-to Guide to Get This Election Caring About the World

Election day may only be a few weeks away but we have the best tips on how to get your candidates talking about international development before the ballot box. 

The importance of the 2021 Canadian Federal Election

It seems like this snap election came as a surprise for many Canadians this summer. As doors to restaurants, gyms and retail stores were re-opening after several covid lockdowns, so were campaign offices. We know vaccines and a post-COVID recovery is top of mind for voters, but that sentiment goes beyond Canadian borders. We have seen firsthand how we truly live in a global community.

Our representative on the world stage is currently being interviewed and voters, like us, have an important decision to make on September 20th. The Prime Minister of Canada represents the values of Canadians when discussing issues around international economic and policy-making cooperation. A global recovery plan to COVID-19 is critical when we think about the socio-economic recovery for low- and middle-income countries. We must see our party leaders speak on how they plan to match the scale of this global crisis.   

I get it but how?

It’s simple, do your research!

Each political party posts their full party platform on their websites. Read each party platform and look up their position on international development. It is so important to educate yourself on their stance regarding development so you can begin to understand their party’s priorities when assigning taxpayer dollars to supporting the world’s most vulnerable. 

Next, meet with your local candidates.

Your local candidate is fighting to be your voice in Ottawa and should be representing issues that matter most to you. Set up a meeting by email or phone and express your support for increased funds towards Canadian aid especially when we talk about a global recovery plan post-COVID. Ask each candidate to go on the record and say they will support increased funds to aid.

Ask the candidates to speak to their party leaders about the importance of aid given the urgent need for a global recovery. 

Attend virtual town halls or tag your candidates on social media asking for their support on an increase to Canadian aid, if elected. Candidates are reading local papers; so write letters to the editor to get your message across and send them to the candidates once published. 

Once Canadians have made their decision on election day, follow up with your newly elected Member of Parliament on their campaign promises and hold them accountable to their party platforms. It is important to continue building a genuine relationship with your elected official to ensure they are briefed on why the world needs Canada now more than ever. If you want to learn more about how to advocate during this election, check out Results Canada’s Election toolkit here.


septembre 8, 2021


Neha Beri


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