Hope at Home

It is with great excitement that Christian Children’s Fund of Canada announces the premiere of “Hope at Home,” a CCFC mini-documentary filmed on-location with the affected people of Nicaragua and Central America.

Carlos didn’t realize he was putting himself in danger when he decided to leave Nicaragua for a chance at a better future: “I just left, and I didn’t know it was that dangerous,” he says in the documentary. Hear the real-life stories for yourself. Take 15 minutes to gain a deeper insight into the issues and the impact of the Preventing Irregular Child Migration in Central America project.

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) is leading a regional project in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua, designed to improve the well-being of children and youth who are at risk of irregular migration. The initiative addresses a number of the root causes that fuel irregular migration — from high levels of crime and violence, limited employment and educational opportunities, to social exclusion and a lack of information on the inherent dangers of migrating without following the normal immigration procedures. 


novembre 7, 2018


Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC)


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