Voice, Choice, Change: The Lives of Midwives

“This is why I became a midwife. To save our dear mother’s lives.” – Dora Kunda 

VOICE, CHOICE, CHANGE: The Lives of Midwives offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of four very different, very complex midwives in South Sudan (Dora Kunda and Scovia Nalumu) and Canada (Susanna Ku and Jenn Nguyen). We follow the midwives as they negotiate a diverse array of personal and professional challenges from difficult births, to coping with non-existent resources, to the ongoing search for respect in their respective midwifery practices. 

“People think we become midwives because we like cuddling babies …. I became a midwife so I can support people and give them a chance to be heard at this time of their life” explains Nguyen at one point in the film. 

At times intense, riveting and emotionally raw VOICE, CHOICE, CHANGE explores the deep-rooted relationships midwives have to their profession, their clients, and to their communities. 

For questions or comments concerning the film, please contact the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM)


octobre 4, 2019


Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM)


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