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Feminists Deliver is a grassroots collaboration of BC-based Two-Spirit people, non-binary folks, Indigiqueer, trans women, lesbian women, and self-identified women and girls, and the organizations that support them. Membership of Feminists Deliver is diverse and inclusive of all people experiencing marginalization on the basis of gender.

This project will address organizational capacity needs to allow Feminists Deliver to continue promoting social and systemic change towards gender equity from a decolonizing and intersectional feminist perspective.

Feminists Deliver boasts involvement of over 25 organizations spanning disciplines and intersectional equality seeking efforts including: Indigenous women, Immigrant and Refugee women, Black women, French speaking women, non-binary and trans women, lesbian women, women with disabilities, girls and young women, girls/young women aging out of foster care, women’s housing, gender violence including sexual assault and domestic violence, legal justice and law reform, women’s health and reproductive justice, women’s mental health and substance use/recovery, women that do sex work and sex workers, women’s poverty, child care, women’s employment, rural women, women living in DTES Vancouver, women’s philanthropy, and municipal actions for women’s safety.

Feminist Deliver Values:

  • Decolonial: We believe that at the core of the feminist agenda lies the fight to decolonize our societies including our laws, structures of governance, organizations, and ways of thinking.
  • Intersectional: We believe that structures of power including colonialism, patriarchy, racism, and capitalism, intersect to create diverse and compounding experiences of oppression and marginalization.
  • Inclusive: We are inclusive of all people that experience marginalization on the basis of gender including Trans, two spirit and non-binary people Inclusive Transformative change comes from the grassroots and those most impacted by intersecting forms of oppression must be key actors in all conversations that engage their interests
  • Grassroots: The exclusion of grassroots feminist voices in the global women’s agenda and connecting grassroots struggles are a key priority for the global women’s agenda.

Job description:

Feminists Deliver is looking for a Program Coordinator to be a part of a collaborative team responsible for working together to deliver the following project: Feminists Deliver: A Virtual Advocacy Network from an anti-oppressive, decolonized, and intersectional feminist standpoint.

This 29-month project will support a feminist response and recovery from the current impacts of COVID-19, through systemic change. The program coordinator will achieve this by expanding the membership of the Feminists Deliver coalition, enhancing the leadership capacity of women in the feminist movement to address systemic inequities, building local, regional, and provincial partnerships among coalition members and other key stakeholders, and hosting the 2nd Feminists Deliver Conference.

At the end of the project, Feminist Deliver will have contributed to addressing systemic barriers by encouraging more equitable and effective sharing of resources, increasing networks and collaboration to accelerate systemic change, supporting positive distribution of authority, voices, and decision-making power, and addressing persistent harmful gender norms and attitudes to support women’s equality.

This project will result in a 3-day Feminist Deliver Conference that will bring together a diverse geographical representation of participants and key stakeholder across sectors to address the need to share project key learning, recommendations and collaborate on the next action steps.

We encourage equity-seeking individuals to apply, including Two-Spirit people, non-binary folks, Indigiqueer, trans women, Indigenous women, Black women, immigrant and refugee women, self-identified women, and girls.

General responsibilities:

  1. Develop and deploy an engagement strategy to increase awareness of coalition and attract new members. Multi-pronged strategy to engage women leaders in urban, rural and remote communities in BC. Identify and prioritize local, regional and provincial gender equity issues and initiatives.
  2. Develop and deploy an organizing strategy to mobilize coalition members and their communities. Strengthen women’s leadership through training. Equip leaders with theory, tools and analysis to combat structural inequities.
  3. Develop and deploy advocacy strategy to mobilize coalition members to take action. Support the launch of local, regional and provincial partnerships and gender equity initiatives across the province.
  4. Host 2nd Feminists Deliver Conference and Tradeshow: Closing and celebratory provincial gathering to share key findings and recommendations across sectors to advance gender equity. In-person if public health mandates permit.
  5. Host conference and tradeshow: Launch 3-day event including livestreaming.
  6. This is a revolutionary position and will evolve as the work unfolds.

Required Qualifications:

  • Dedicated and committed to the mission of Feminists Deliver
  • Demonstrated experience, knowledge and awareness of working from an intersectional feminist and decolonizing analysis of the systems and structures of power and oppression
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills including empathy, collaboration, conflict resolution
  • Experience in facilitation (briefing and debriefing)
  • Experience in working respectfully with diverse equity-seeking groups, and have cultural sensitivity and self-awareness to be supportive and work productively together
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently
  • Experience and understanding or willingness around working within a collaborative team
  • Ability to communicate clearly, including verbal and written communications
  • Experience in using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Strong time management and organizational skills


  • 29 month contract with possibility of ongoing contract renewal. 
  • Contract is budgeted for a maximum of 32hr/week. 
  • Contract is budgeted for $40 per hour.

Comment postuler:

Please submit your résumé, cover letter, and writing samples to [email protected]. Please let us know of relevant experiences to this position, including professional and personal experience. We encourage equity-seeking individuals to apply, including Two-Spirit people, non-binary folks, Indigiqueer, trans women, Indigenous women, Black women, immigrant and refugee women, self-identified women, and girls. You are welcome to self-identify, but it is not mandatory. We thank all applicants for their time, efforts, and interest in working with Feminists Deliver. Best of luck and stay strong as you find your next position.


décembre 3, 2021

Date d’échéance:

décembre 17, 2021


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