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20th Skoll World Forum

12 avril 2023 - 14 avril 2023

The 20th Skoll World Forum will take place April 12–14, 2023 in Oxford, UK to celebrate 20 years of impact and the innovators who drive social progress. Visit our FAQs page for the latest information as it’s posted.

In the spirit of collective action, we annually convene our growing network to collaborate on social and environmental change.

In 2023, the Skoll World Forum network will gather in Oxford, UK and online for the 20th Forum. Oxford attendance is curated by the Skoll team, and virtual participation is free and open to everyone.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve witnessed unprecedented advancements, global connectedness, and sweeping change movements. Our collective impact is cause for celebration even in the face of ongoing challenges. At the 2023 Skoll World Forum, we’ll experience two decades of remarkable progress, reflect on crucial lessons, and survey the road ahead.

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Début :
12 avril 2023
Fin :
14 avril 2023
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