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Nutrition Financing Week

24 janvier 2022 @ 8:00 - 27 janvier 2022 @ 10:00

The Tokyo “N4G” Summit in December 2021 brought together 45 countries and a dozen donors and partners as well as private sector, civil society groups and academia to deliver policy and financial commitments to end malnutrition. More than US$27 billion was pledged, along with the commitment of delivering more effective and sustainable financing actions for nutrition. To achieve nutrition targets and leave no one behind, countries and the global community will also need to strengthen accountability for nutrition actions and results.

To support stakeholders in translating their commitments to concrete action, the World Bank, the Global Financing Facility for Women, Children and Adolescents (GFF), World Health Organization (WHO), and Results for Development (R4D) are hosting the Nutrition Financing week: a series of virtual N4G side events from January 24-27, 2022.

After a kick-off event that will lay out emerging issues and initiatives on nutrition financing, participants will take a deep dive into key actions and strategies that can be undertaken to strengthen nutrition financing and accountability mechanisms that can maximize results. The series of events include:

  • January 24, 8.00-9.30am EST: Webinar 1 – Leading by Example: A Conversation on How to Achieve N4G Financing Goals
  • January 25, 8.00-9.30 am EST: Webinar 2 – Optimizing Health Financing Levers for Nutrition: Commitment to Action
  • January 26, 7.00–8.30 am EST: Webinar 3 – The Fizzy Potential of Fiscal Policies for Nutrition: How Taxes and Other Tools Can Encourage Healthy Diets
  • January 26, 9.00–10.30 am: Webinar 4 – Allocative Efficiency Analysis for More Nutrition for the Money: Country Experiences with Optima Nutrition
  • January 27, 7.30–9.00 am EST: Webinar 5a – Nutrition-Responsive Public Financial Management: Strengthening Financing and Accountability for Results
  • January 27, 9:15–10:00 am EST: Webinar 5b – Making the N4G Financing Goals a Reality: Translating Commitment to Action
To attend one or more webinars, please register by Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

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24 janvier 2022 @ 8:00
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27 janvier 2022 @ 10:00
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