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CARE and its implementing partners Youth Coalition for Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (YC), Restless Development (RD), and Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) are implementing a multi-country (Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia) adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights (ASRHR) project that will work to improve access to high-quality, evidence-based sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for adolescent girls, especially out-of-school adolescent girls. Through this initiative, project participants will be able to access services more easily and to exercise their sexual and reproductive health rights over the next seven years (2021-2028).

SHE SOARS will engage with and fund local women’s rights and youth-led groups, and will train health providers, and work with government ministries to create sustainable change in the social, economic, and legal environments that impact out-of-school adolescent girls in Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia. This program strongly aligns with CARE Canada’s vision and mission to unlock women’s leadership for a more equal world and will work to create safe and enabling environments for women and girls to access sexual and reproductive health services. SHE SOARS includes advocacy activities, comprehensive sexual health education and family planning, and will work with men, boys, and community leaders to support adolescents to have greater options and decision-making about their lives.

The SHE SOARS project includes a significant and extensive Public Engagement (PE) component, which is aimed at awareness raising, knowledge sharing, and network strengthening in Canada to promote global citizenship by encouraging Canadians to develop a deeper understanding of international development issues and to become more actively involved in addressing these issues. Specifically, SHE SOARS PE intends to engage young Canadians by offering development education opportunities that help them to more fully understand the challenges that adolescent girls around the world face in accessing their sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR).

It is envisioned that stories, photos, and videos from Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia will be used to highlight the needs and challenges, as well as highlight solutions and actions that have made a positive difference to adolescent sexual and reproductive health within these countries. It is also envisioned that the SHE SOARS PE initiative will: 1) use innovative digital platforms to convene spaces that will allow Canadian youth to be brought together with counterparts in the countries where SHE SOARS works, and empower them to become ambassadors, conversation-leaders and change-makers in their communities; 2) liaise with CRR, YC and build on RD’s global youth platform, to support youth in Canada and abroad to create their own public awareness campaigns, and implement activities aimed at affirming global SRHR and calling on relevant power-holders and communities at large for support; and 3) ensure that PE achievements are measured through web and social media analytics and other indicators. 

The SHE SOARS project is in the start-up stage (known as the Program Implementation Planning, or PIP) and is currently revisiting the high-level vision for PE which was outlined in the proposal (in mid-2019). The project is required to submit an updated PE vision (i.e., refining the vision that was presented to the donor in the proposal), a clear strategy, and associated indicators to the donor by December 3rd, 2021, and a detailed plan outlining anticipated PE activities and associated budget to the donor by March 22, 2022.  


CARE Canada is seeking a part-time consultant to collaborate with members of CARE Canada’s Public Engagement and Global Programs teams, and potentially young people from Canada, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia, to refine the PE vision (including outlining the target audience(s), initiative duration, key focus, and taking into consideration CARE’s strategic plan); describe the PE strategy, including key messages, objectives, and associated calls to action; identify indicators; and define detailed activities in categories of: 1) Communication Materials; 2) Digital Outreach; and 3) Youth-led Focus Groups and Workshops. 


  1. 5 presentations (1 per workshop, in PowerPoint) and detailed notes of workshop outcomes
  2. Detailed report describing vision, strategy, and associated indicators (Word document)
  3. Detailed report describing detailed PE activities in narrative and Gantt chart format (Word document)


Available from SHE SOARS Project Budget


Carol Kotacka and Lama Alsafi, CARE Canada


  • Confirm Public Engagement team and SHE SOARS project team focal points for communication and collaboration with PE Consultant
  • Provide all necessary background documentation and a comprehensive program briefing
  • Coordinate input from CARE Country Offices and implementing partners
  • Organize logistics for workshops (e.g., Zoom, etc.)
  • Communicate in a timely fashion with the PE consultant


  • Excellent content strategy and copywriting skills are required
  • Sound facilitation skills
  • Minimum of 5 years of public engagement strategy and design experience, preferably collaborating with NGOs within the international development sector
  • Experience using feminist methodologies will be considered an asset
  • Experience in youth engagement will be considered an asset
  • Experience with the Canadian media and digital media landscape is required
  • Experience with digital engagement tactics and methods is required
  • Experience with regional or national engagement campaigns is required with a focus on mobilization, education, and conversion strategies
  • Experience with audience persona development is required
  • Strong experience with data analysis and reporting is required
  • Experience with social media marketing, search engine marketing, and user experience is required.

For more information, visit the CARE Canada website.

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Please submit a proposal outlining proposed services, relevant Public Engagement experience (preferably in the INGO sector), proposed daily rate, and proposed number of work days, by Friday November 26th to [email protected]. Confirmation of selection by CARE Canada is anticipated to be communicated by December 1st with a start date of December 6th, 2021.


novembre 24, 2021

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novembre 26, 2021


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