UNLEASH Plus 2022

Our partner UNLEASH, the global innovation lab for the SDGs has currently opened applications for their Global SDG Incubator – UNLEASH Plus!

What is UNLEASH Plus?

UNLEASH Plus is a global 6-month incubation program for entrepreneurs working on social or environmental challenges, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program provides teams with the right skills, tools, and mindsets to test and launch early-stage solutions, and design them for large-scale impact. The program is open to all youth entrepreneurs looking to advance solutions that address the SDGs.

The incubator culminates in a one-week, in-person program in India from late November to early December 2022, where teams work with international experts and pitch to potential funders. Only the top 25 teams of the program will be selected, and all costs will be covered.

Who Can Join?

UNLEASH Plus is designed for all young innovators around the world who are solving sustainability problems in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Applicants may be social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, or activists who have an early-stage solution but seek support to further test, refine, plan, and fund its launch. Participants do not need to be working on their ventures full-time to qualify for the program. You can read more details in our FAQs here

Want to learn more or apply?

Join an Introduction to UNLEASH Plus webinar session on Wednesday, March 23rd. Two slots are available for the same. Slot 1 – 6:30 GMT (Registration link available here) and Slot 2 – 15:00 GMT (Registration link available here). Please check for your local time here. This event is open to everyone. 

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The application form is available here. Applications are open currently, and the deadline is April 10th, 2022!


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