Virtual training: Improve your digital learning solutions

Barry Sampson, digital training designer and developer, explores how to design learning solutions using the most effective methods and tools. Barry has over 25 years of experience in providing capability training and designing learning solutions, and in this session he will share his expertise to help you provide solutions that are even more useful to learners. 

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Barry will introduce the “More Than Blended Learning” (>BL) design process and will also share his experiences of:

  • Designing solutions in an increasingly digital world
  • A mostly remote approach – which he has now been doing for 13 years
  • Deciding between in-person, live online and self-study
  • Selecting the right tools for the job

Before watching this training, please set aside five minutes to watch this video which covers the Three L’s: learning, learners and logistics. These form the foundation of the >BL design process. 


The Six Characteristics of Compelling Content

More than Blended Learning


février 9, 2021


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