Emergency Support for East Jerusalem First Aid Emergency Responders and Hospitals Proving Medical Treatment and Support of Affected Families May 2021

Organisation Déclarante:International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF)
Budget Total ($CAD):$ 255,487
Délai d’exécution: mai 15, 2021 - août 15, 2021
Statut: Fermé
Coordonnées: Media Hadi
[email protected]

Profils des Partenaires et Bailleurs de Fonds

Organisation Déclarante

International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF)

Organisations Participantes

  • ONGs

    • Welfare Association (WA) - UK

Bailleurs de fonds (Contribution budgétaire totale)

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Pays - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Palestine - $ 255,487.00 (100.00%)

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Domaines d'Intervention

Santé - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Promotion de la santé & éducation (50.00 %)

Autre - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Intervention humanitaire (50.00 %)

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Escalating violence in East Jerusalem from Israeli police and military forces is resulting in hundreds of Palestinian worshippers in and around Al Aqsa Mosque, and Palestinians in Jerusalem being injured and requiring urgent medical treatment. This project will support front line medical responders (Palestinian Red Crescent Society) and Al Makassed Hospital teams who are treating those with serious injuries – to continue providing emergency medical services and saving lives. It will also provide support to families affected through the provision of food vouchers.

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Population Cible

Genre et âge: Adultes, femmes Adultes, hommes Adolescentes Adolescents Enfants, filles Enfants, garçons Enfants de moins de 5 ans
Population Ciblée Directement: 49,500
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1 Medical emergency support
1 Provided medical supplies
1 Distribution of food vouchers
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Résultats & Indicateurs

Résultats Attendus

Save lives through the purchase of emergency medical supplies and medicines, and funding to repair damage deliberately caused to ambulances and providing fuel for  ambulances to keep them running so that  (PRCS- EMS) and Al Makassed Hospital  can continue to treat those injured and save lives.

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Associated Projects (If applicable)

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