Fostering multi-stakeholder alliance for pro-poor and gender sensitive low carbon development and climate resilience

Organisation Déclarante:Islamic Relief Canada
Budget Total ($CAD):$ 500,000
Délai d’exécution: mai 10, 2022 - mai 9, 2024
Statut: Actif
Coordonnées: Non précisé

Profils des Partenaires et Bailleurs de Fonds

Organisation Déclarante

Islamic Relief Canada

Organisations Participantes

  • ONGs

    • Islamic Relief Indonesia

Bailleurs de fonds (Contribution budgétaire totale)

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Pays - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Indonésie - $ 500,000.00 (100.00%)

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Domaines d'Intervention

Autre - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Droit, gouvernance & politique publique (50.00 %)

Développement économique & autonomisation (40.00 %)

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This project address the rights of poor people including women to participate meaningfully in the government’s climate change programme in NTB province namely Zero Waste and Green NTB programme through their participation in agroforestry activities in barren forest and land and in applying circular economy of waste management. To realize this, the project will train the targeted communities on relevant knowledge and skills around climate change, gender, agroforestry, 3R and circular economy, and Syariah microfinance.  To equip their skill, we will engage them in the pilot as part of incubation process, so when they acquire certain capacities they will be provided with microfinance support so that they can run their own agroforestry and circular economy activities in sustainable manner.  

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Population Cible

Genre et âge: Enfants, garçons Enfants de moins de 5 ans Nouveau-nés Personnes âgées, femmes Personnes âgées, hommes Adultes, femmes Adultes, hommes Adolescents Enfants, filles Adolescentes
Description: Zone rurale
Population Ciblée Directement: 3,350
Population Ciblée Indirectement: 600,000
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Non précisé

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Résultats & Indicateurs

Résultats Attendus

Résultats Obtenus

  • Tree planting and maintenance by FSU and Communities: RH verification and seeds distribution
  • Training on poverty alleviation, gender equity and inclusion in climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Piloting of waste bank: business plan dissemination to the community to apply circular economy under climate change scheme and islamic Microfinance school for selected communities
  • Public consultation of LCDCR Planning Series of meeting of climate financing proposal development


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Associated Projects (If applicable)

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