Funding Facility for Stabilization in Iraq – Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Organisation Déclarante:PNUD - Programme des Nations Unies pour le développement
Budget Total ($CAD):$ 2,500,000
Délai d’exécution: juillet 15, 2020 - décembre 31, 2020
Statut: Fermé
Coordonnées: Non précisé

Profils des Partenaires et Bailleurs de Fonds

Organisation Déclarante

PNUD - Programme des Nations Unies pour le développement

Organisations Participantes

Non précisé

Bailleurs de fonds (Contribution budgétaire totale)

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Pays - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

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Domaines d'Intervention

Santé - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Maladies infectieuses & transmissibles (50.00 %)

Soins de santé primaires (50.00 %)

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The project supports the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) COVID-19 response plan in areas of Iraq that are particularly ill-equipped to manage and/or hardest hit by the pandemic. In response to COVID-19, a portion of Canadian funding to the Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS) has been reallocated to support UNDP’s COVID-19 response plan. UNDP’s COVID-19 response plan seeks to: (1) prevent the spread of COVID-19, manage confirmed cases and save lives; (2) strengthen the Government of Iraq’s (GOI) crisis management and response; and (3) support the GOI in designing post-COVID-19 recovery strategies to address the socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19. Project activities include: (1) raising community awareness and sharing official/authorized guidance on COVID-19, including key gender messages, through an online platform; (2) equipping three medical labs with priority medical equipment to strengthen testing capacity; (3) equipping ten healthcare facilities with 180 beds and 180 single-patient airborne infection isolation rooms, in addition to medical furniture/equipment and personal protective equipment for healthcare workers; (4) supporting the United Nations Country Team in Iraq to develop a gender-sensitive post-COVID-19 Recovery Strategy; (5) reaching 25,000 people, particularly women and youth, through social cohesion activities; (6) undertaking three gender-sensitive socio-economic needs and impact assessments, including an assessment on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the most vulnerable groups; and (7) identifying gender-sensitive short- and medium-term recovery strategies for Iraq.

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Population Cible

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Résultats & Indicateurs

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The expected outcomes for this project include: (1) strengthened healthcare system in Iraq to prevent the spread of COVID-19, manage confirmed cases and reduce the mortality rate; (2) strengthened integrated crisis management and response to enable the GOI to maintain core functions and manage its response; and (3) Iraq’s post-COVID-19 recovery.

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