Guyana Flood Response 2021

Organisation Déclarante:International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF)
Budget Total ($CAD):$ 75,000
Délai d’exécution: juin 14, 2021 - juillet 15, 2021
Statut: Fermé
Coordonnées: Sumaiya Jahan
[email protected]

Profils des Partenaires et Bailleurs de Fonds

Organisation Déclarante

International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF)

Organisations Participantes

  • ONGs

    • Central Islamic Organization of Guyana

Bailleurs de fonds (Contribution budgétaire totale)

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Pays - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Guyana - $ 75,000.00 (100.00%)

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Domaines d'Intervention

Autre - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Développement économique & autonomisation (50.00 %)

Sécurité alimentaire & agriculture (50.00 %)

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Communities in Guyana face ongoing economic and financial difficulties which have been further exacerbated by the onset of flood waters. Due to the ongoing natural disaster, there is a demand for short term support solutions for vulnerable individuals, and impacted communities. The project aims to assist the impacted populations in the form of food baskets and hygienic kits to supplement a proper livelihood during the ongoing Natural Disaster (flooding). The project also will be providing “200 baby chickens and 13 weeks of chicken feed supply” to impacted households to create income generating opportunity and supplement livelihood for the families. Most of the areas that are flooded were farming and cattle rearing land. Due to the disaster a lot of the cattle has died and the farmland is under water, leaving communities vulnerable to food and livelihood insecurity.

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Population Cible

Genre et âge:
Description: Personnes handicapées Autre
Population Ciblée Directement: 650
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1 Family food parcels
1 Family hygiene kits
1 Livelihood development
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Résultats & Indicateurs

Résultats Attendus

Help vulnerable families maintain a livelihood as financially they will be under severe stress and they are unable to come out of their villages to get food items unless its being taken to them.

Résultats Obtenus


Objectif ODD 1. Éliminer la pauvreté sous toutes ses formes et partout dans le monde
  • ODD 1.4.1 Proportion de la population vivant dans des ménages ayant accès aux services de base
Objectif ODD 2. Éliminer la faim, assurer la sécurité alimentaire, améliorer la nutrition et promouvoir l’agriculture durable
  • ODD 2.1.2 Prévalence d’une insécurité alimentaire modérée ou grave, évaluée selon l’échelle de l’insécurité alimentaire fondée sur l’expérience
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Associated Projects (If applicable)

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