Zindagi Trust Girls Education Project 2021-2022

Organisation Déclarante:International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF)
Budget Total ($CAD):$ 81,040
Délai d’exécution: novembre 1, 2021 - octobre 30, 2022
Statut: Actif
Coordonnées: Sumaiya Jahan
[email protected]

Profils des Partenaires et Bailleurs de Fonds

Organisation Déclarante

International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF)

Organisations Participantes

  • ONGs

    • Zindagi Trust

Bailleurs de fonds (Contribution budgétaire totale)

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Pays - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Pakistan - $ 81,039.77 (100.00%)

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Domaines d'Intervention

Santé - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Nutrition (33.33 %)

Autre - Allocation Budgétaire Totale

Sécurité alimentaire & agriculture (33.33 %)

Éducation (33.33 %)

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In 13 years of working to transform education, Zindagi Trust has embraced the non linear and fluid nature of this work. With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic there is now an entirely new set of challenges and opportunities that must be met. The most immediate problem is the learning losses that have been incurred due to frequent and irregular school closures, which have affected teachers and students alike. Because schools have been operating behind schedule on the delivery of the core curricula, there has been a significant decline in holistic student development activities. This is coupled with the existing problems that surround public education in Sindh such as the lack of capacity building for teachers and high numbers of school absenteeism. Zindagi Trust hopes to create model instituitions by reworking the opportunities of development and learning available to students and teachers, creating an enabling and safe environment for all participants and then structuring activities to meet these objectives. With the collaboration of IDRF, Zindagi Trust aims to carry forward the transformation of Khatoon-e-Pakistan (KPS) Girls Government School and ensure that the well being, safety and growth of our 839 female students and 83 female staff is secured. This project builds on previous projects with IDRF conducted through the years 2017-2020.

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Population Cible

Genre et âge: Adultes, femmes Adultes, hommes Adolescentes Adolescents Enfants, filles Enfants, garçons Enfants de moins de 5 ans
Description: Zone rurale
Population Ciblée Directement: 944
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839 No. of female students receiving academic enrichment
1 Special learning and extracurricular activities for students
839 Ensure the health and well-being of 839 students and teachers at KPS
1 Professional development activities
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Résultats & Indicateurs

Résultats Attendus

Résultats Obtenus


Objectif ODD 1. Éliminer la pauvreté sous toutes ses formes et partout dans le monde
  • ODD 1.4.1 Proportion de la population vivant dans des ménages ayant accès aux services de base
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Associated Projects (If applicable)

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