Midwives Brought Together from Africa and Canada for Midwives Save Lives Project

Group photos of midwives.


The Midwives Save Lives (MSL) project is bringing together midwives from Benin, Canada, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. Carried out by Cuso International in partnership with the Canadian Association of Midwives, and funded by the Government of Canada, the MSL project supports midwifery associations in each targeted country to address specific challenges. By sharing the lessons learned from their own struggles, midwives help each other to improve the health outcomes of mothers and babies.

Check out the MSL Project Video below, which provides insight into the needs of these midwives, and the steps that are being taken to help them save even more lives. You can also access the video on the Canadian Association of Midwives YouTube Channel.


janvier 17, 2018




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