Reuse and Recycle: Practical Guidance on Maximizing Existing Data

Creative, virtual data management processes are more critical than ever, as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected access, quality, and availability of global health data for CSOs and partners. In conversation with global expert facilitators, this participatory dialogue explores emerging practices in maximizing existing data, rather than, or in addition to, collecting new data. Facilitators will share their experiences and research in modelling, leveraging public data sets (DHS, MCIS), and data sharing between partners. This conversation directly leverages findings from the Canadian Collaborative for Global Health.

Speaker Facilitators

  • Countdown to 2030 – Ties Boerma 
  • HealthBridge Foundation of Canada – Peter Berti
  • University of Montreal – Milena Nardocci

Upcoming learning opportunities


DHS & MICS tools


mars 2, 2021


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