Aide internationale féministe – Trousse d’outils pour l’égalité des genres dans les projets

Le 9 juin 2017, le Canada a lancé la  Politique d’aide internationale féministe du Canada, enracinant son engagement à promouvoir l’égalité des genres et le renforcement du pouvoir des femmes […]

Master of public health degrees: Which program do I choose?

MPH (Master of Public Health) degrees can open up a variety of doors and career opportunities, both locally and internationally in the public and Global Health fields. But knowing which MPH program can be overwhelming! Here are 4 factors to consider.

Transferable skills for global health

Transferable skills are important to emphasize throughout job applications and interviews – especially if you’re new to the Global Health field. Sarah Grace’s last article on ThriveHire outlined ways to jumpstart your career in Global Health. And within that article, she spoke about the importance of developing transferable skills.

4 Ways to Get Transferable Global Health Skills

Getting your foot in the door for a career in global health is exciting but challenging – especially if you have never worked in the field before. Highlighting transferable skills, such as writing, research, and team management, however, can help you land a global health job, as it shows you have the necessary skills for the position.