Le CanSFE félicite le Parti libéral du Canada pour sa réélection

Le CanSFE félicite le Parti libéral du Canada et le premier ministre Justin Trudeau d’avoir été réélus hier à la tête du gouvernement du Canada par les Canadiennes et les Canadiens.

The Creative Economy is ready to partner with Global Health & Sustainable Development, but are we?

Oftentimes, the creative industries are left out of conversations about global health. In this article, we aim to provide an overview of the intersection of arts and global healthcare, existing research and projects in this sector, as well as why it’s more important now than ever to encourage artists and storytellers to enter healthcare spaces.

From Delegates to Development: A How-to Guide to Get This Election Caring About the World

Election day may only be a few weeks away but we have the best tips on how to get your candidates talking about international development before the ballot box.